Balustrade Systems
Rails & balusters to match historic details - reinforced as necessary for added strength and rigidity.
Specify the width, thickness, and shape of battens for siding applications.
Columns & Wraps
Complete square columns or partially assembled column wraps with base & capital assemblies - simply specify the dimension you need.
Corbels and Brackets
Corbels & Brackets to replicate existing or made to specification. Typically decorative but also available with structural components.
Outside Corners
Made to your exact dimensions... with or without siding rabbets and even available with quarter round detail.
Pre-Assembled Window Surrounds
One-piece casing and sill assemblies made to enhance windows without casing.
Radius Work
We fabricate many types of curved millwork - either to exact true radii or by a template provided by you.
Rafter Tail Wraps
The easy way to provide durable and decorative finishes to exposed rafter tails.
Running and Raking Crown
Special raking crown profiles for specific roof pitches that field miter into running crown profiles.
Sills & Sub-Sills
Sills and sub-sills of nearly every thickness and face dimension.
Simulated Shakes
4' long shake panels available in even butt or fancy design.
Wides (Sheets)
Sheets up to 50" wide made to your specifications; simply provide the thickness, width, and length you'd like.
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