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Frequently Asked Question

How is your product different from Westlake (formerly BORAL) TruExterior poly-ash?

Our product is no different.  All of our products are derived from standard dimension Westlake (formerly BORAL) True Exterior trim boards.  DURATION® produces all types of mouldings, beveled sidings, custom sidings, and millwork items that are not otherwise available from Westlake themselves.  Many customers use standard Westlake TruExterior trim and siding products in conjunction with our products.


Do I have to prime your products before applying paint?


The vast majority of our products are provided unfinished (or natural) without any primer or finish applied.  DURATION® products do not need primer; regular latex paint can be applied directly to the unfinished surface.  There is also no need to prime, paint, or otherwise seal cut edges or the “backs” of products, saving a considerable amount of finishing time.

What paint do I use on poly-ash?

DURATION® products do not need primer; use your favorite, quality, regular latex paint. Paint can be applied directly to the unfinished surface. Follow application instructions from paint manufacturer.


Do you offer your products prefinished?

Generally speaking, we do not offer prefinishing due to limited finishing capacity.  We can, however, accommodate smaller orders or coordinate prefinishing through our channel partners.  We are big fans of field finishing for the flexibility and future ease of patches, repairs, and touch-ups that only field finishing provides.



How do I get pricing on your products?

DURATION® does not sell directly to end-users.  DURATION® sells through a nation-wide distribution system of independent lumber and building material dealers.  Depending on region, our products are available through all independent lumber and building material dealers (as is the case in New England, the Middle Atlantic Region, the Carolinas, Florida, and parts of Illinois) serviced by regional distributors or through LMC dealer members elsewhere in the country. Find your local LMC dealer here.


How long does a quote take?

For semi-custom and custom proposals, we generally have the information back to the dealer within a matter of hours.  Lengthy or highly complex requests may take a day or two.  We don’t dawdle. Stock profile pricing is available immediately to your dealer.

Can a dealer just give me a price per foot for semi-custom or custom moulding?

Unfortunately, no.  Custom profiles frequently require the purchase of specialized knives to create the profile.  And both semi-custom and custom profiles require the “set-up” of machinery to run the profile.  Since knife charges and set-up charges are lump sums, the cost per lineal foot of semi-custom and custom mouldings is less per foot the more material that is run at a given time.  If you’re not sure of how much you may need, just ask for pricing based on multiple length runs (e.g. 500 LF 1,000 LF, 2,000 LF, etc.)


Do you have a minimum order quantity for semi-custom or custom mouldings?

No.  If you need 4 feet of a custom moulding… we’ll do it.


What is the availability of your products?

Standard products are typically in stock at regional distribution centers.  DURATION® keeps all standard moulding and siding profiles on the ground for quick shipment.  Semi-custom and straight-forward milling procedures generally require less than one week production time and completely custom profiles typically require two weeks of production time from approved shop drawing.  Shipping times vary by distance traveled.


How do I communicate a special need?

Many times a special need is best communicated by phone so that we can fully understand your need, make suggestions, and perhaps provide some advice or guidance – you know, have an old-fashioned conversation.  When possible, sending us a dimensioned drawing, an image(s), or even a sketch will help us to help you – feel free to provide attachments via e-mail or our contact form.


If I have questions, should I talk to you directly or a dealer?

Because milling and fabricating millwork from poly-ash is all that we do, feel free to contact us directly.  Many times we can facilitate the process through the dealer of your choice and save you some valuable time.  We want you to have a great client experience.

Do you offer value engineering?

Yes, all the time… and you generally don’t have to ask for it.  We routinely offer up more cost effective or shorter lead time options and alternative profiles if they’re close to your original requests.  Sometimes you need exactly what you ask for… and we’re happy to oblige; but sometimes a slight change can make a big difference – we like you to know your options.


How do I go about matching a profile exactly?

The best way for us to match a profile exactly is for you to send us a small piece of the profile you’re trying to match… but that isn’t always possible.  Otherwise, we can work from a dimensioned drawing or sketch.


Do you provide shop drawings?

Yes.  We routinely provide shop drawings for your approval when custom profiles are involved.  If we’re asked to match an existing profile and a sample piece of the profile is not provided to us, we’ll generate dimensioned shop drawings that you can review, edit, and then approve once they meet your requirements.  We also provide shop drawings for more involved millwork like decorative columns, knee brackets, etc.


Do you provide samples or mock-ups?

Samples of standard profiles can normally be provided at no charge.  Semi-custom and custom profile samples are much more involved and we would ask that you contact us to discuss.

Why did Westlake (formerly BORAL) stop manufacturing beveled siding?

For a brief period in 2017/2018 Westlake offered a limited line of beveled siding products.  Although the product performed beautifully, the manufacturer opted to discontinue manufacturing this type of siding due to inconsistent manufacturing yields at its production facility.  DURATION® uses a different type of manufacturing/milling technique that produces consistent yields.

What type of glue can I use to make thicker pieces of material?

We do not recommend that individuals attempt to laminate pieces of poly-ash themselves.  DURATION® uses a proprietary laminating adhesive, special surface preparation, and high pressure to achieve its laminated product.

Does Westlake (formerly BORAL) TruExterior poly-ash come in sheets?

No.  The maximum width of Westlake TruExterior trim boards is nominal 12” (actual width of 11-1/4”).  Having said that, DURATION® routinely edge-glues poly-ash to create “wides” or panels/sheets.  There are no standard sizes, but you can specify the thickness you desire, the overall width needed, and the overall length for your application. Standard thicknesses are 11/16”, 15/16” and 1-7/16”.

What’s the best filler for fastener holes?

Any good quality, non-shrinking, sandable wood filler works great – we’re fans of Elmer’s ProBond Wood filler.



How do I create (or re-create) that nice subtle texture or graining found on the “smooth” side of Westlake (formerly BORAL) TruExterior trim boards?

Gentle use of 50 grit sandpaper in a straight back and forth (non-oscillating) movement does a nice job.


How best to cut poly-ash on the jobsite?

Use an old carbide-tipped blade and “dedicate” it to poly-ash… meaning only cut poly-ash with it moving forward.  Many craftsmen will paint the blade a different color to alert users to cutting only poly-ash with a given blade.  If another material is inadvertently cut using the blade, throw the blade out and start over with another “old” blade.  If only poly-ash is cut with a dedicated blade, the blade will last a very long time.


What if I need a “structural” piece of poly-ash?

Poly-ash itself is decorative in nature and non-structural, meaning it cannot span unsupported distances or carry weight loads.  DURATION® does, however, have the capability to encapsulate structural aluminum or stainless steel into the core of poly-ash millwork assemblies like turned balusters or balustrade railings when structural strength and rigidity are needed.

Have another question? Call or email us, we are happy to help.

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